The New FRonTieR of decentRAlized Asset PoRtfolios 

Providing anyone easy access to own a basket of projects developing the blockchain infrastructure of the financial world of tomorrow.

All-in-one diversified & quantitative portfolios.

On-chain portfolio Strategy as a Service.


Self Custody

Depositors maintain complete ownership over their assets at all times while using our portfolio strategy. We never take ownership of capital, it is only transformed into tokens, which depositors hold. 

All-In-One Portfolios

Gain exposure to the best blockchain projects in the universe through a single themed portfolio. 
You no longer have to follow the ever evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Quantitatively Driven

Our portfolios are developed & maintained through quantitative finance principles, seeking to maximise returns & diversification, while minimising losses.

Engineered For Growth

All our portfolios have been battle-tested through a robust backtesting process. By utilising an ensemble of sentiment signals per asset we are able to hear the true trend of assets through the noise.

IT's 2021,

It sounds scary, we know.

But it's a good thing. It means full transparency and a system we all own and benefit from.

By using Voyager.Fi portfolios, you gain exposure to numerous projects that are developing the infrastructure of this new financial system. Imagine being able to have had ownership in the infrastructure that runs the internet at its inception.

The big players have already started dipping their toes into the space and we want to help you do the same.

Without a constant finger on the pulse of the blockchain ecosystem (which is in a constant state of flux), it is very difficult to ensure you have ownership in the projects gaining adoption.

We provide all-in-one portfolios that allow you to gain exposure to the best performing projects in various segments of the ecosystem.

OUR Portfolios

Large Crypto TrendMax

This is a tokenized portfolio of crypto or blockchain projects over $10b in market cap showing a continued uptrend. Allocation weights are formulated to achieve maximum diversification, ensuring each token has an equal influence over the portfolio.

DeFi Large Cap Momentum

This is a tokenized portfolio of the current 5 strongest momentum DeFi projects over $750m in market cap. Allocation weights are formulated to take into account risk adjusted growth and diversification, attracting large gains with dampened volatility.


Exchange your old world money for USD backed crypto money like USDC or sUSD

Browse through our portfolios to learn about what each of them is focused on

Select one or more portfolios that you would like to deposit your crypto money

Sit back and let your money rocket to the new frontier of decentralised finance

Voyager.Fi Portfolio Wallet App

Coming soon

Our all-in-one iOS mobile app for buying crypto with your currency or investing in our portfolios, while maintaining self-custody of your assets and tracking your performance.

  • Fiat on-ramp, allowing you to go from dollars to tokens in a few simple clicks 
  • An integrated Decentralized Web3 Wallet for managing your portfolio inside the app
  • Track the actual historical performance of your portfolio with intuitive graphs and metrics

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DYOR - Do Your Own Research

Disclaimer: This website provides portfolio strategy as a service in a non-custodial, trustless and permissionless way. The information & service cannot be substituted for professional and/or financial advice. It is crucial to do your own research independently to verify or refute any of the information contained within this website and the likely growth or loss of capital resulting from the strategies offered. You or a financial professional must conduct your risk assessment to determine if owning decentralised/blockchain type assets and tokenised portfolios are suitable or not for your financial circumstances. Independent research should be undertaken on the smart contract risks associated with the Voyager.Fi tokenized portfolio strategies before making an investment. Crypto and DEFI token trading is high risk and there is a chance of permanent loss of capital.

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