The Big Bang

While cryptocurrencies and the blockchains they run on have been accessible for over 10 years now, the true Big Bang moment occurred in the summer of 2020. While the Covid-19 pandemic was causing chaos around the world a large number of software developers had their heads down, building the multi-billion dollar DeFi infrastructure we see today. Individuals, with more time on their hands & in some cases money (due to the inability to spend in the physical world), and with nowhere to go but online, started investing in Cryptocurrencies and DeFi in the masses. While it seemed like DeFi popped up out of nowhere, its’ origins can be traced back a few years before the word DeFi was even used.

DeFi and the associated blockchains have grown so much in size and capacity, that together they have become a new ecosystem changing the way people can interact with information and others, financially. These early days in DeFi are analogous to the beginning of the Computer and the Internet. While many industries are still going through the digital revolution, a new wave has already started. This wave of DeFi adoption is the foundation of what people call the new Internet with true decentralization, composability, and open protocols. It opens up whole new opportunities with increased visibility and the freedom for anyone to participate, and in doing so unleashing the capital efficiency of your wealth and making the world more equal.

The New Frontier

The mission of Voyager.Fi is to democratize investing in DeFi in a manner that has been proven successful in the traditional asset management world, by providing easy access to robust wealth growing strategies to anyone with a computer or mobile phone. We aim to reduce the complexities of using DeFi and decentralized apps (Dapp) for new users getting on board.

We believe our world will be a better place when more people have a simpler path to financial freedom and emotional freedom along the journey, without the worry of managing the growing of wealth.

There has been a lot of innovation in blockchains and DeFi 1.0. To continue the healthy development of the ecosystem, DeFi 2.0 needs to focus on the end-users or customers while designing and developing Dapps whether they are web apps or mobile apps. We understand that for the everyday person interacting with DeFi platforms is a scary endeavor, and it’s for this reason that we strive to make boarding the the Voyager.Fi ship a simple step-by-step guided process.

Many people trade crypto assets based on news, chart patterns or a friend of friend’s opinion, having some big wins and/or losses along the way. The story too often either leads to over confidence of becoming the next Warren Buffett, or disheartenment and the loss of desire to ever re-enter the market. Both outcomes are not ideal, over confidence can bread bigger and bigger trades that can grow out of control and cause significant financial damage, while the market leaver gives up years of financial growth while sitting in cash.

We believe a diversified portfolio of assets backed by quantitative financial analysis is a better way of growing and preserving wealth for the long term. The strategies developed by Voyager.Fi don’t trade on fluctuating market price noise, speculation or emotions. Instead, they follow strictly designed rules based strategies that sift through recent data to create a allocations to assets that provide the greatest chance of growth. The strategies are developed through a rigorous governance process of asset selection and overfitting-avoidance backtesting. The strategies have been proven in the traditional asset management worlds and now we are able to bring that to everyone.

The Future

While there will be some big asset price ups and downs in the future of blockchains and DeFi, the speed of development and capability growth of the ecosystem has never been more rapid. Things are currently moving so fast that many traditional technology and asset management based individuals discuss how they’ve never seen anything like it.

We at Voyager.Fi like to think that our service represents building and maintaining spaceships (portfolios) that take investors capital to the new frontier of the decentralized assets. It’s out here, far away from the weight of Earth’s gravity where these decentralized platforms are able to be developed at breakneck speed. The ships (portfolios) are constructed solidly and serviced (rebalanced) regularly. Multiple thrusters (assets) enable the ship to continue on its journey and when some of the thrusters stop working momentarily, the other thrusters provide propulsion.

In the future, we aim to introduce an intuitive user-friendly mobile app so users can get on board with ease, without digging into the technical knowledge.

About Voyager.Fi

Voyager.Fi is an all-in-one crypto investment solution, allowing users to invest in a group of assets through single products so investors don't have to constantly learn about the stories of all different blockchain projects.

Each investment product is automatically adjusted and rebalanced for the investor so they do not need to do any management. Each portfolio is diversified with a number of assets that move in different directions to ensure that when some assets are struggling, other assets doing well prop up the portfolio.

We will have a number of different portfolios, each with a different theme while all utilizing quantitative investment methodologies adopted from scientific research. We have been running our own personal stock market portfolios utilizing the same strategies for the last 5 years with excellent results.

Quantitative investing is based on maths & data, extracting persisting trends from the data and using this to predict future trends. It is commonplace in traditional stock market strategies, while they are rarely offered in the crypto investment space.

By providing easy to access quantitative investment portfolios to investors, we aim to maximize the upside of their growth and minimize the downside of their losses. We do this by managing the correlation between assets to ensure we are not holding a large amount of money in assets that are all moving together.

We will continue to improve our algorithm with new research over time giving you further edges in the future. If you have any questions or would like to partner with us, please feel free to email us at or tweet at @voyagerfi.

Our Team

We are a team of doers and believers.

Sam McCallum

CEO & Co-Founder

Henry Chan

CTO & Co-Founder

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