Voyager.Fi Large Crypto TrendMax

Large Crypto TrendMax is a robust trend following portfolio strategy that utilises ensembled trend signals and diversified allocation weighting. Assets over $10b in market cap are considered for inclusion in the portfolio.

The majority of novel trend following strategies use single moving average crossover signals that are often overfitted to the market conditions of the data being backtested. The "golden signal" moving average metric that is discovered through a backtest might have worked well over the data it was run on, however as market conditions change this signal can stop working or become overcrowded with other traders also discovering this "golden signal". Our Large Crypto TrendMax strategy has been developed to use an ensemble of moving average signals per each asset that combine to provide our algorithm with overall trend signals with less noise.

Our Large Crypto TrendMax strategy utilises these ensembled trend signals to filter through assets that are in uptrends and then applies optimal allocation weights to the remaining assets to maximise diversification. The fusion of the filter and allocation styles in the strategy aims to ensure that the portfolio holds assets with strong & continued growth in a manner that allows each asset to have equal influence over the portfolio.

Like all of our strategies, the Large Crypto TrendMax portfolio has been developed to be robust, with growth and downside protection designed to weather all market conditions. This is attempted through the avoidance of overfitting to the data by; utilising ensembled signals, out of sample testing and non-bias asset allocation weighting.

Besides the selection of the asset universe, the portfolio changes are done solely through a rules based quantitative system, avoiding emotional decision making errors associated with a full discretionary based strategy.

In this highly volatile crypto market an algorithmic ensembled trend following approach with diversified allocation weighting aims to provide depositors with the best chance of owning the projects that become the most widely adopted in the ecosystem.

"By following our Large Crypto TrendMax strategy, an initial capital of $20,000 in Oct, 2018 would have grown to
$2,230,000 on 7th May, 2021. More than a 100x growth and over 13x more growth than Bitcoin"


Sharpe Ratio


Sortino Ratio




Beta (Bitcoin)

Asset Universe 

Our portfolio strategy governance process involves the selection of an asset universe that is considered for an allocation in the portfolio.

We use both the minimum $10b market cap and a discretionary review process to ensure the strategy only considers the most promising projects in the large cap ecosystem.


TrendMax has been developed to switch to AutoSafe mode when the market conditions are highly dangerous. When AutoSafe is activated, assets like USD and Gold are considered for an allocation in the portfolio.

AutoSafe is included into the portfolio strategy in an attempt to avoid significant losses when the likelihood of such events is elevated.

Fee Structure
Management Fee


We do not charge anything to manage the portfolio. Our capital is also invested in this portfolio and there is no more work to manage it whether it's just us or  1,000 depositors.


18% of gains 

To keep Voyager.Fi running sustainably into the future we charge a performance fee based on the positive return of the portfolio over set 30 day periods. If the portfolio has risen 10% over the 30 days, depositors will lock in a gain of 8.2% and we will be given 1.8% of the gain. With the crypto space having large swings in performance, depositors will only be charged this fee when their portfolio has experienced a positive return over the 30 day period. If the portfolio loses value over a period, no fee will be charged.

Why choose Voyager.Fi?

We developed Large Crypto TrendMax to manage our own capital, so we're on the same ship as you!
We believe this portfolio can help you weather any market condition the crypto space will throw at you.

We are always researching and testing new strategies, and have a number of portfolios planned for launch in the months ahead. With each of our portfolios our goal remains constant, to provide easy access to owning the projects that are succeeding in building the financial system of tomorrow. 

If you decide to make a deposit into a portfolio, we welcome you onboard the ship and thank you sincerely for your support. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a partnership, please feel free to email us at or tweet at @voyagerfi.


Ethereum Wallet

Make sure your Ethereum Web3 Wallet such as Metamask or WalletConnect compatible wallet is ready.

Syntheix stablecoin sUSD token

You will need sUSD in order to buy our tokenized portfolio. You can swap ETH or other tokens to sUSD from 1inch decentralized exchange aggregator at a competitive price.

Deposit sUSD to our dHedge pool

Our portfolio is deployed to dHedge decentralized asset management platform. To buy, simply deposit sUSD in the pool. Make sure the pool contract address you are interacting with is 0x175db26fa692d44cece9b0c3d55764acb7c71349. Be aware of the gas fee when approving your deposit into the pool. 

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DYOR - Do Your Own Research

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